I can speak from experience.  I used to use only ReiserFS, until I had a
corruption on a 60GB Maildir mailstore.  A tree rebuild was required.
This took a whopping 17 hours on a high end Apple XServe RAID Array.
Needless to say that after this I've migrated away from ReiserFS to XFS
and have been very happy.  Anytime I've had a problem with and XFS file
system that required xfs_repair to be run, it was very swift.  

Now all this was with ReiserFS 3.  I have no experience with ReiserFS 4.



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> > I'd like to get some input on the best filesystem for the i-ram
> drive.
> > EXT3
> > is out because writes are slowed to the speed of a hard drive. I'm
> leaning
> > towards reiserfs or xfs. However, I've read (wikipedia) that
> is
> > easily corrupted. xfs seems the best.
> >
> > Anyone have any comments of suggestions.
> I've heard good things about xfs, but no personal experience. However,
> I
> would STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you from running reiserfs for this. I've
> seen,
> and dealt with, resierfs corrupting filesystems and it's a nightmare.
> do
> not have a good opinion of resierfs after real world experience with
> it.
> --
> Mike Garrison


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