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Patrick Ale wrote:
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PSU = Power Supply Unit, and you need at least two of them when using
XFS IMO (and according to SGI self).

A UPS is also good but it only helps you against power delivery
issues. It doesn't help against people working in your server racks
and accidently yanking cables  or a PSU blowing away.

Now that is a good point. Okay, two redundant PSU plugged into an UPS.

Battery-backed caches are caches (mostly on RAID controllers) that
will hold the data for an X amount of minutes while the power delivery
is interupted, allowing the disks to sync up.

The OP was asking for a filesystem for a RAM-based drive for a qmail queue. No BBU cache involved.

His RAID system will be used for the mail store and it most probably has BBU cache but then again that may or may not protect against data/metadata sitting in the kernel cache.


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