I have seen this come up before in the mailing list archives.

I think it is a bug though. When using mysql backend, and, SQL and auth logging, the code seems to first delete the user from MySQL, which succeeds. Then, it tries to delete records from the logging tables, which if there are none (new install, tables do not exist yet), I presume fails, which then causes this error. Looking in vmysql.c, in the vauth_deluser function.

Not being a C programmer, could be wrong, but, it happens to me with VPOPMail 5.4.25 when used with mysql and --enable-auth-logging and --enable-sql-logging. Brand new install, so, if I read the code right, a very minor error.

The only reason I was doing add and deletes with no data is to test my onchange scripts before going further. Looking in my database, the vlog table does not yet exist. I presue this is the issue, albeit, minor?

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