We’re happy to announce that the first version of simscan-gui-base is now 
available for download.

simscan-gui-base-0.1 GPL version

simscan-gui is a web based interfaces for trace and monitor incoming and 
outing e-mails from a qbox like (qmail, simscan) mail server. All e-mail 
users can access this interface to monitor their e-mail traffic.



This version is sponsored by CBS - www.cecchi.biz

You can send us your feedback to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Alessio Cecchi is:
@ ILS -> http://www.linux.it/~alessice/
Assistenza Sistemi GNU/Linux -> http://www.cecchi.biz/
@ PLUG -> ex-Presidente, adesso senatore a vita, http://www.prato.linux.it


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