Adi Pircalabu wrote:
On Fri, 01 Feb 2008 07:33:53 +1000 Quey wrote:

Don't use these to reject connections at SMTP level, they give many
false-positives. Eventually use them only after queueing, and only to
increase the spam score. and, au contraire, are much better
choices for rblsmtpd.

My 0,02RON

each to our own, I dont consider they give many false positives at all, not in this part of the world, but of course it may be different for where you are, however even with the acceptable FP's they *may* give, the massive reduction in spam makes it completely worth it. The more they hit there, the less work MailScanner has to do, it can use system resources just to scan for viruses and phishing and of course whatever spam it detects that get past the RBL's :-)

A good thing to do as well which also dramatically reduces spam, is enforce DNS forward and reverse, if someone can't be bothered making sure their mail server is RFC compliant, then I am under no obligation to allow my servers to accept connections from them.


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