I find that checking spamcop first, then spamhaus second reduces the level of spamhaus hits to a level that they didn't complain about. They banned me once before I switched the order I check in.

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Rainer Duffner wrote:
ISP Lists schrieb:
My thanks to everyone who contributed! I'm on zen.spamhaus.org now! Noticed at least some increase in stopped connections at smtpd! A good
thing, in my review.  I'll research FPs for downside.  Thanks!

Spamhaus blocks everyone who has "too many" requests.
They want you to sign up for their commercial service...

I use spamcop, sorbs and a local BL. I have whitelisted all of my
country's dynamic IPs, though, so I can block all other dyn-IPs via SORBS.



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