I'm working on adding security features and compatability to my server, which is currently running vpopmail 5.4.17. At the moment, everything is working fine, but there are many features my system doesn't support. My end goal is to support virtually any combination of server options in Outlook Express. While personally I detest OE, it is without a doubt the most commonly used email client, so I'd like to make sure I support it as well as possible.

Currently, if someone check marks "Secure password authentication" in OE (either for SMTP or POP), it does not work. Is it possible to get qmail/vpopmail to support that option for both POP and SMTP?

I've already got SMTP Authentication & SMTP CRAM-MD5 working properly, based on the vpopmail contrib patch for such; as well as IMAP-SSL, IMAP-TLS (courier-imap).

However, courier-imap doesn't seem to want to use CRAM-MD5. Is there something specific about vchkpw that would cause that to not work?

Does anyone on the list know if there are patches for qmail-pop3d to support CRAM-MD5 and TLS? I've already reviewed getting STUNNEL going, and while I haven't gotten it working yet, I think I'm close.

I don't need step by step instructions, as I've been maintaining a qmail/vpopmail server for several years; but I would appreciate any pointers towards good patches for supporting these features - if they exist.

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