recently my system seems to be sending out bogus "90% of quota"
warnings. I've had many complaints and when I check the accounts really
aren't anywhere close to 90%, so that I don't believe any more that
this is due to the user just having downloaded and expunged enough
email to fall below the quota again.
The strangest thing, however, is that all the bogus warnings seem to go
to accounts within the 0/ directory. As I have quite a few email
addresses, vpopmail created this directory and put all new email
addresses in there. All quota warning for the root level of the domain
directory seem to be legitimate while the ones in 0/ seem to be bogus
most of the time.

I'm using vpopmail 5.4.16. However, I already upgraded to this version
because of these problems and they did not disappear. I'm not sure what
version exactly I ran before.

Does anybody else experience these problems? Especially seeing them
appear all of a sudden?



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