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Hi All,

I installed Qmail and add-ons like qmail1.03, vpopmail qmailadmin via lazy dog 
installer scripts from www.lazyinstaller.net which worked a treat.

The problem is now our requirements are to ONLY allow SMTP AUTH and localhost 
ONLY and no other relaying or unauthorised sending of email to be allowed.

However after countless hours on Google to find a solution they all require 
patching which according to lazy installer is not required as it is patched 

What do I need to add to file tcp.smtp to only allow SMTP AUTH only & localhost 
only? I have tried several combo's like

and several others to no avail and also run tcprules to add the new cdb file, 
ideally a solution to use the pop3 user details would be best.

Including above I know it is doing authenticating when I set it a test account 
using smtp auth using pop3 details in Outlook Express because I run recordio on 
...bin/qmail-smtp and all that's working. However I ONLY want to allow SMTP 
AUTHed users to send mail (including localhost) and block all other SMTP.

This is not happening as its allowing me to just relay everything through our 
server at the moment. We have been blacklisted before when we used to use 
sendmail and it was a nightmare to get off the blacklists and want to avoid 
that at all costs
Any help would be greatly appreciated, hope you can help.

Relaying is usually controlled by the tcp.smtp file using the RELAYCLIENT variable.

To only allow localhost to relay and require all other IPs to
use smtp auth you could put this one line in your tcp.smtp file,RELAYCLIENT=""

Then rebuild your tcp.smtp.cdb file using tcprules.

Ken Jones

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