I'd like to announce ToasterAdmin, a new vpopmail administration tool
which utilizes vpopmaild, allowing for remote administration of a
vpopmail system (over tcp sockets).  It is intended as an alternative
to running QmailAdmin and VqAdmin separately, and will eventually be
fully comprehensive.  Here are some of the highlights:


* Written in OOP PHP 5 using an MVC Framework for easy code maintenance
* Uses the Smarty template engine for clear separation of logic from
* Uses several packages from PEAR to minimize local code requirements

Current Features

* Add/Remove Domains, Users, Forwards, and Auto-Responders
* Modify Default Domain Limits
* Search for Domains
* Modify user mail routing and vacation messages
* Add Alias Domains
* Manage IP Maps
* Internationalization support via gettext (translators needed!)

Planned Features

* Modify User Limits
* Modify System Default Limits (vlimits.default)
* EZMLM Support (must be supported by vpopmaild first)
* simcontrol support


ToasterAdmin is discussed on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list.  Please
forward any questions there (I'm not an ongoing member of ).

While working on ToasterAdmin, I decided to put all of the base
vpopmaild code in the PEAR package Net_Vpopmaild (based on work from
Rick Widmer).  Net_Vpopmaild's URL is

Lastly, I added a Net_Vpopmaild auth container to PEAR's Auth
framework (NetVPOPMaild).  So if you need any PHP app to to
authenticate off of your vpopmail user base running vpopmaild, you
accomplish this very easily through PEAR Auth.  URL:


Bill Shupp


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