I configured vpopmail v5.4.25 with the
--enable-learn-passwords option.

I created a user without a password:
  ./vadduser -n [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I then logged into Courier-IMAP's pop3d-ssl with:
  PASS anything
and it let me login.

I then did it again but with a different password
and I was able to login again.

I looked in the mysql table vpopmail.vpopmail to see
that the password field wasn't updated.

What's going on here?  Where is the failure?
Hopefully not a short between the floor and the keyboard. ;)

vpopmail v5.4.25 on CentOS Linux v5.1 (x86 32-bit).

My configuration options:

./configure --enable-learn-passwords \
  --enable-onchange-script \
  --enable-spamassassin \
  --enable-spamc-prog=/usr/bin/spamc \
  --enable-auth-module=mysql \
  --enable-sql-logging \
  --enable-mysql-limits \


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