sure let me know your email I can send you a screenshot :) I did test it just to make sure again and it's good to go


Robbie Garrett wrote:
before i do that..   just want to double check that you issue the commands from
command line and you get no error messages @ all?

I use .26 and do not have the problem you are saying maybe you should
upgrade :)


Robbie Garrett wrote:
Hey all,

currently using vpopmail 5.4.25 w/ mysql 5.0.45-6.fc8 support.

when i issue the command ~vpopmail/bin/vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED] i get

Failed to delete user from auth backend
Error: Illegal username

However...  the user is deleted from the mysql database...  but the files and
directory of the user are not.

Any idea what i'm doing wrong?


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