Sorry, personally im not familiar with qmail-tap, just thought this could
help you. Goodluck in your endavors.

- Wouter
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That will not work for this particular migration. They need two
separate systems for 6months as they test the new and be able to use
the old one at any time.

That is why qmail tap looked ideal.

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 8:57 AM, Wouter van der Schagt
What i did was...

 old server
- Change TTL values in zonefile to 5 minutes and wait till it is propagated
(normally 1 day)
 - Create domain and popboxes on new server
 - Copy contents from old server to new server with scp (popboxes)
 - remove domain and popboxes from old server
 - Disable pop access on old server (with vmoduser -p
 - change DNS settings and MX records for domains to point to new server
 - place domainname in /var/qmail/control/morercptshosts on old server so
qmail will still accept incoming mail
 - place domainname:ip_address_of_new server in
/var/qmail/control/smtproutes on old server to forward incoming mail to the
new server
 - after dns has propagated remove entries on old server from
/var/qmail/control/morercptshosts and /var/qmail/control/smtproutes files.
 - Change TTL back to normal

 During a window of 5 minutes its possible clients (users) will try to
connect using pop to the old server, just tell them to try again later.

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> Is it possible to make Qmail tap only tap the incoming mail? My
> problem is that I am trying to get mail to deliver to two places to
> ease the transition to a new mail server. Qmail tap allows that
> functionality but breaks down on inter-domain email. The person who
> sends it typically gets the mail in the new mail box and the person
> receiving it does not get a copy depending on where the names are in
> the qmail  tap control file. Is there a way to make qmail tap do what
> I want it to do or is there a better solution?
> Thanks,
> _
> /-\ ndrew


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