Hi.. you can use

vmoduser -b     to bounce all incoming mail
vmoduser -s     to disable all SMTP auth

Optionally you can set the quota to 0 which is a dirty solution, it will also
bounce all mail, perhaps the -b flag is better.. For a complete list, just
type /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoduser and the help that is printed will help
you out.

- Wouter

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Subject: [vchkpw] migrating to new server


i need move from old server to new one. Problem is while DNS are
replicated i need disable whole access to domain (delivering - smtp,
pop3, imap). I know that via vpopmail is possbile disable access to
imap/pop3. but is possible to disable smtp. In best case i need that
smtp returns some error and message will be delivered later (to new
mail server)

Thank you for help and advices.



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