Lampa wrote:

problem is that is not only one domains (about 200 domains) and i need
migrate only some domains.

2008/6/11, Tonix (Antonio Nati) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Lampa ha scritto:


i need move from old server to new one. Problem is while DNS are
replicated i need disable whole access to domain (delivering - smtp,
pop3, imap). I know that via vpopmail is possbile disable access to
imap/pop3. but is possible to disable smtp. In best case i need that
smtp returns some error and message will be delivered later (to new
mail server)

modify DNS to lower TTL for MX

Create new domains on new server without smtpd running

rsync data over to new server

on old server add domains to smtproutes (pointing to new server)

on old server remove domains from virtualdomains

change dns

restart or hup qmail-send

rsync data over to new server again

start mail services on new server



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