I have machine as primary MX with mailboxes and I use it also as
secondary MX for few domains.

I use toaster installation by http://mail-toaster.org/ (vpopmail +
netqmail + simscan)
I would like use similar functionality as validrcptto do
but with chkuser ( http://www.interazioni.it/opensource/chkuser/ ).

If I have domain in morercpthosts (as the backup MX record) , than it
catches all accounts for this "backup" domain, even if accounts doesn't
exists on its primary MX.
I would like to export  list  of  "real" accounts from primary MX and
check them on secondary for relay, but together with "normal" local
vpopmail accounts on the same machine.
I observe google, mailinglists etc.., but I didn't found any solution.
Is there any way to do it with chkuser?

Thanks for reply


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