I'm made many test before write this e-mail, but I think that when I enable 
maildrop support in vpopmail (--enable-maildrop) and I place 
an /etc/maildroprc (like src/vpopmail-5.4.26/maildrop/maildroprc.v2) the 
warning about "quota warn message" not working.

I'm working in a test environment configured as follow:

shupp.org's toaster

vpopmail 5.4.26 build with this options:
./configure --enable-mysql-limits 

/etc/maildroprc is this         
but I also tried with others without success.

When a mailbox reach 90% or more the message ~vpopmail/domains/.quotawarn.msg 
is copied only if maildrop for these user is disable (vmoduser -x 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]), when maildrop support is enable the messagge is not copied 
the user mailbox.

Yes, I delete the file "quotawarn" in the user Maildir every time.

Can be easily corrected this problem?

Maybe just enough to anticipate the process that check the quota, and copy the 
file, and after running maildrop with maildroprc, but I do not know if I'm 
making a wrong assumption.

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