As documented in vpopmail.mysql:
# Note:
#   The value of host may be either a hostname or an IP address.
#   If host is 'localhost', then sockets (Unix) or named pipes (Windows)
#   will be used instead of TCP/IP to connect to the server.

Thus, this is more related to your MySQL server configuration; If you've set up your mysql server to listen to sockets, then localhost will work as a parameter. And if you've bind your mysql to listen to localhost ( (and on linux servers, enabled
your lo interface), that will work. should never work (or at least I can't see why it should work, not being a valid address at all).

In your case, I'd guess you've set your MySQL server to only listen to connections on
your servers public ip address

  Antti Kanes

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Domain quotas are broken, and have been for years now.



Many-many thanks.

My problem was solved now. It relates to the existing mysql. Seems
in my case i have to put IP-address in the /home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql

Somehow 'localhost' not work, not work, not work, but public IP, it worked.

Don't really know why.

Domain quota seem's like working, but breakable by small-size email.

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I need to use vpopmail 5.4.7 along with domainquotas support together with mysql.

I have a very strange problem, that qmail-send log keep saying

d z 1226437320.400681500 1226437320.400742500 1226437320.406664500 205 <> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 18797 502 d z 1226437320.400681500 1226437415.351574500 1226437415.381846500 205 <> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 18797 502 d z 1226438455.466867500 1226438455.466901500 1226438455.471854500 206 <> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 29832 502 d z 1226438455.466867500 1226438556.377593500 1226438556.382903500 206 <> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 29832 502

Mail never gets delivered.

With latest vpopmail, i see error

                vdelivermail: deferred database_down

Mail never gets delivered.

I cannot see any other relevant error in /var/log/messages or /var/log/maillog.

The database is not down since authenticating to vchkpw through port 110 is always successful. I use mysql 4.0.16 compiled.

It didn't happen if i use CDB.

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Geri Anggara


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