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On Thursday 13 November 2008, Geri Anggara wrote:

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 10:45:12 +0200

Antti Kanes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> We're using the vqadmin -tool to create domains; it creates the
> directory structure for the domain when adding the domain.
> Afterwards, our users manage their domains and users using qmailadmin.
> My question would be, why would you want to manually insert the data
> instead? Or to be more clear, how are you creating your domains at the
> moment?
> cheers,
>   Antti Kanes

I use /home/vpopmail/bin/vaddomain installed on the host offcourse.

The reason is because we plan to proceed registration of domains
through another host that have it's own program, relates
to the billing purpose.

That host will do insert to mysql of vpopmail and i was hoping "magic" to
happen :)

It might be better to get the 'billing' host to add new domains to a TODO list and set up a cron job on the 'mailing' host that works its way through that
list and let vpopmail do it's own database management.

I haven't tried this, but you could get the billing host to send an email and
use maildrop to filter the email, collect the domain and password and run
vadddomain. That would be more immediate than a cronjob.

my 2c worth

I think i'll give vqadmin a shot.

Many-many thanks.

> Quoting Geri Anggara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is it possible to automatic create Domain's Directory
> > (/home/vpopmail/do.ma.in) based
> > on inserted data to vpopmail's table in MySQL ?
> >
> > I know users home dir is possible if domain already created first
> >
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> > Geri Anggara
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> > http://www.indo.net.id

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