I keep unsubscribing and it stops for a while and then its starts again.
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You should consider unsubscribing from the mailing list if you don't wisth
to receive the mails sent to the list.
Just follow the instructions.

 Antti Kanes

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I'm still getting copies of your emails.

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> Lately, my maillog shows large numbers of attempts to relay mail
> through my host. The attempts show up in the logfile as failed
> password checks, i.e.
> vpopmail[19950]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not
> found alex@:
> The attackers are trying a sequence of 93 distinct usernames -
> administrator, alice, alex, andy etc. - and a variety of passwords.
> The majority of the attacks originate from dynamic IPs on Taiwanese
> ISPs hinet.net and tfn.net.tw.
> I'm not particularly concerned that they'll break in, but
I'd like to
> block them anyway, if only to keep my SMTP ports clear for
> traffic.
> Is there a vpopmail equivalent of 'denyhosts' - something
that allows
> a limited number of failed attempts before automatically
blocking all
> subsequent connections from that IP?
> Angus


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