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Good morning all,

First of all, happy new year!
Second, I have some questions about valias. I understand the syntax is:

valias -i <alias> <destination>

1. Does the alias have to be a domain on the server and is checking to see if this is the case enforced? Or do i have to manually add it to the morercpthosts file as well?

2. If I want to add multiple aliases for the same destination do I issue the same command twice (or more) or can i add it in one command?

3. When adding an alias, does the popbox have to exist if it is a local domain?

4. How does valias work together with .qmail- files?

- Wouter van der Schagt


1 - I may misunderstand, but when you create an alias, the alias domain must be hosted by your MX server. The destination domain can be anyone else.

2 - Never tried ^^

3 - I don't understand this point.

4 - Vpopmail is writing a .qmail-alias in the directory of the real mailbox (ie .qmail-norep in the postmaster directory) which contain the destination address as this : &u...@domain.com

Hope this help you

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