I'm studying about how to use Maildrop to setup some filters for the
received emails on my Qmail+Vpopmail+Simscan+ClamAV+SpamAssassin mail
I read some howto and I realized that there are many methods to do this.
The main thing to do is to forward the spam messages in a "spam" IMAP
folder in the Maildir.
And I have to setup some filters only for some e-amail addresses, like
for example the address whose receives e-mail from mailing-lists to
order the messsages in the various folders.

I realized that Vpomail has a --enable-maildrop configuration
parameter, but I realized that many howto does not use it.

I don't want to setup a manual configuration everytimes I add a new
domain or a new mailbox, but I want the whole server to be
automatically setupped with the default Maildrop configuration.
But I want some mailbox to have a different Maildrop configuration.

Could you help me to understand how to make a complete and definitive
configuration, please?

Thank you very much for your help!


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