my server's pop3 service sometimes doesn't accept my emailusers'password and it reasks user and password.
if I reboot the server, the problem is solved.

I had this problem before, it occured when there were more than 50 domains on a server and the morercpthosts files was used in combination with the SMTP authentication patch.

There's a patch available to that patch (or at least to patch 0.31 from that
patch) that addresses a bug when there's a failed SMTP AUTH attempt. If the
client attempts to send mail to a domain which is not listed in rcpthosts,
qmail-smtpd is unable to read morercpthosts.cdb. Instead, it sends "421
unable to read controls (#4.3.0)" and drops the connection. It seems, a
wrong file descriptor is closed when using the morercpthosts cdb file. For
more information:   (point 6),
the direct link to the patch file is:

I'm not sure this helps. We have since shifted to Dovecot.

- Wouter


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