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> aledr wrote:
>>> I agree to add an option, I sent the patch just to explain myself. =D
>>> Can I write the modifications or someone of inter7 will do that?
> Any patch you put together, make off the trunk in Subversion, and then upload 
> to
> the patch section on Sourceforge.
> Manvendra Bhangui has suggested fixing/using the existing --enable-root-build 
> option.

I'm already using It but the patch is necessary anyway.
This options just ** do not ** check if user is root (by the user id)
but It does not solve the vpopmail user and group problem discussed
This flag could be improved to do It instead of creating a new one.
Good idea, I'll try.

P.S.: The output of configure shows "see README.non-root" that does not exist.

Thanks again!
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