When using some build environment to package It's not allowed to add
user's and groups into the chroot so the lines with "-o @vpopuser@"
and "-g @vpopgroup@" will fail.
We just add the user, group and ownership in another section in the
spec file. (The compilation flag can solve the problem
inserting/removing the code for user and group permission).

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 4:16 PM, Matt Brookings <m...@inter7.com> wrote:
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> aledr wrote:
>> Is there a way to include a flag to allow non-root install (like in
>> clamav)? It makes easy the process of packaging RPMs.
>> For now I'm using the attached patch (5.4.27).
> What does this patch do exactly?  From looking at the patch and trying it,
> I don't see any difference in operation related to the requirement of root.
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