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Joshua Megerman wrote:
> environment.  When in doubt, DON'T DO THIS.
> Now, if you just want to stop receiving email for the primary domain and
> not delete it completely, take your server out of the MX entry, point the
> domain A record somewhere that doesn't accept mail, and/or add the domain
> to qmail's badmailto file (assuming you have that patch installed).

While there are several ways to rename a domain, which is essentially what is
being done here, the best question to ask one's self before beginning this
very manual process, is if you NEED to, and if you have the experience with
your backend database selection, and with qmail.

The only time you really NEED to do this is if the domain is hosted on a remote
site now, and the users of this system need to be able to email the remote
system.  If your users of this domain own both domains, and simply want the
new domain to 'be their primary', just tell them it's done, and to use the
new domain name and leave everything as it is.

The instructions above look correct by the way :)
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