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John Simpson wrote:
so it looks like the only non-trivial thing which hasn't been covered already is updating the vpasswd file and running "vmkpasswd" to rebuild the vpasswd.cdb file.

As long as you don't have any ezmlm mailing lists... I believe the domain name appears in come of its control files.

yeah, i knew i was forgetting something.

for mailing lists...

- create the list using the same options as the old list. the "LISTDIR/ flags" file in the old list contains the options in effect for the old list.

        ezmlm-make `cat /old/list/dir/flags` /new/list/dir \
                NEWDOMDIR/.qmail-listname listname newdomain.xyz

or, use qmailadmin to create the list, then use this to make the flags the same:

        ezmlm-make -+ `cat /old/list/dir/flags` /new/list/dir

- copy any other control or text files you may have customized from the old list directory to the new one. for example, on my qmail-patch list, i have customized the "text/faq", "text/info", and "text/sub-ok" text files.

- use "ezmlm-list" to get the subscribers list from the old list and "ezmlm-sub" to put them on the new list.

        ezmlm-list /old/list/dir | xargs ezmlm-sub /new/list/dir

- if you have "allow", "deny", "digest", or "mod" subscribers, do the same for those lists:

        ezmlm-list /old/list/dir/allow | xargs ezmlm-sub /new/list/dir/allow

i *think* that's it, but it's been a while since i did one of these so i may be forgetting something.

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