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Joshua Megerman wrote:
> The trick here is that by separating out the back-end authentication
> schemes into modules, you can provide a single source build for package
> maintainers, which will generate multiple component packages for the whole
> setup.  Then they don't have to maintain separately configured source
> trees and builds for each authentication module, but can do a single build
> that can be configured at runtime to use any available (i.e., installed)
> module.  The user then can install just the module(s) that they want and
> configure them at will without having to uninstall and then install the
> new package.

I see.  That makes a bit more sense.  I don't maintain any binary package
distributions, so I'm not really familiar with the process.  My assumptions
about it were incorrect I guess :)

> Fair enough.  I can't remember if you've done it or not, but if you
> haven't you might want to consider posting a to-do/wish list/roadmap for
> vpopmail development so that people can assist with and/or comment on
> where things are going.  Thanks for working to make vpopmail better!

I'll probably look into what it will take to move the authentication
backends into modules for the 5.5 branch.

Thanks for your input.
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