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> Joshua Megerman wrote:
>> The trick here is that by separating out the back-end authentication
>> schemes into modules, you can provide a single source build for package
>> maintainers, which will generate multiple component packages for the
>> whole
>> setup.  Then they don't have to maintain separately configured source
>> trees and builds for each authentication module, but can do a single
>> build
>> that can be configured at runtime to use any available (i.e., installed)
>> module.  The user then can install just the module(s) that they want and
>> configure them at will without having to uninstall and then install the
>> new package.
> I see.  That makes a bit more sense.  I don't maintain any binary package
> distributions, so I'm not really familiar with the process.  My
> assumptions
> about it were incorrect I guess :)
No problem - I don't do any package maintenance myself either, but it's
always frustrated me that vpopmail could only support one back-end at a
time, and that it was allmost all configured at compile-time...

>> Fair enough.  I can't remember if you've done it or not, but if you
>> haven't you might want to consider posting a to-do/wish list/roadmap for
>> vpopmail development so that people can assist with and/or comment on
>> where things are going.  Thanks for working to make vpopmail better!
> I'll probably look into what it will take to move the authentication
> backends into modules for the 5.5 branch.
> Thanks for your input.

You're welcome - I don't have a lot of time for coding these days, but
I've invested enough time in qmail/vpopmail that I want to see them
succeed :)


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