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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
>> You are correct.  It can also return usage for a particular domain.
>> Instead of
>> querying with 'u...@domain', query with '@domain'.
> Great, does this return 1 value (i suppose so), or a comma delimited range
> mailbox, storage used...or is this is easy to make and iterate ourselves..

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.  The daemon?  The daemon
has a protocol it speaks with the client API.  The client API sends a query
and is returned the byte usage, and count usage for the queried item
if cached.

> No, this would pretty much cover the functionality we need. Perhaps an
> option
> for the delimited values as described above would be a nice addition. Other
> than that it is great. Is 5.5 the first version in which this will
> become available?

Now I'm totally lost.  What do you mean by delimited values?

> How stable is the 5.5 branch compared with 5.4.25 that we are using now
> with regards to standard functionality with Maildir++ support.

I don't believe anything has changed except the quota support.  So, I suppose
the answer to your question is that it's better.

As far as stability, I only have it on a few production servers, and I haven't
gotten any reports from people.  I can't really say except from my own 
which is that it has not caused any problems.
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