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Jeff Koch wrote:

In the case where a domain has, say, 100 email accounts, is there an
easy way to configure a wildcard alias or mailinglist so that an email
can be sent to everyone? Otherwise I can see that in a constantly
changing organization it could be a lot of work to keep a mailing list
or alias current.

vpopbull would not work since the individual domains don't have that

There's no current way to do this, mostly because there's no easy way to
authenticate the sent mail.  You wouldn't want a spammer, or an employee
who shouldn't be emailing everyone, to email company-wide.

You could write an email interface to vpopbull probably. One that requires
a password somewhere in the email, and have it passed the message via a
dotqmail file.

Perhaps it should be something added to vpopmaild, allowing the postmaster to send to their domain and the administrator to send to all domains.

I would suggest using onchange to update either a mailing list or .qmail file in the domain directory when the user list changes. See README.onchange.



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