Hi there (Matt especially :]),

I finally had some time to play around with vpopmail 5.5.0. I've fetched today's SVN release from SF.net.

Well almost everything did go smoothly, with the exception of things already pointed out by Wouter (i.e. libvpopmail.so was not known by the dynamic linker).

The main reason for my testing is the return of the domain quotas (vusaged ftw, Matt: nice job!). I've installed 5.5 on a server with very few domains, and that worked out really fine. No load increase or whatsoever, and nice update within the given time interval, looks really nice Matt.

I'm going to run 5.5 for some weeks on this server, to test it with our needs (vpopmaild, qmailadmin, etc.). I did found some small error:

vpopmaild has two functions get_user_size() and get_domain_size() (okay, I admit, I've written these functions some time ago), they make use of readuserquota() that calls wrapreaduserquota(), however, in stderr it states these are deprecated, probably because of vusaged. Still, it doesn't tell how to fix it. Using client_query(_quick?) directly, or is there a layer in between.

Maybe also a reason to look at the data types used inside vpopmaild for quota etc.

Ow, and here's a daemontools/supervise script to run vusaged:


exec 2>&1
exec /home/vpopmail/bin/vusaged

And if you want to catch any output (either stdout or stderr), make the log directory with this run script:


exec 2>&1
exec setuidgid vpopmail multilog t /var/log/vpopmail/vusaged

(be sure to create /var/log/vpopmail/vusaged and to be owned by vpopmail)

After a few weeks and the fact that I'm fully convinced of vusaged's behaviour :], I will try a production server that's probably a good test case: around 3500 domains with an average of four users/domain and like 90G of mail.

Keep up the nice work people at Inter7 ;].

Kind regards,
Harm van Tilborg



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