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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
>     * Perhaps it would be preferable to have the vusaged file
>       automatically copied to ~/vpopmail/bin/ instead of having to do it
>       manually. The output of the normal configure shows: " cd vusaged
>       && ./configure && make" for the vusagec to work, but that is not
>       enough, in /vusaged/INSTALL are more steps. Could it be automated
>       further? I have it working now on 2 mail servers without
>       problems (so far), will let you know if I find anything else.

We did not want to make any changes to 5.4 that would change how everything
works too drastically, and so, in 5.4, the vusage daemon, and most of the
updated quota code surrounding it will not be used by default.

When 5.5 goes stable, vusage and all the new quota code will always be in
use (unless disabled at configure time).

If you're interested in running the latest and greatest, switch to the
5.5 branch.  I'm running that on several production servers.  There are some
installation pathing issues related to the FHS compliance, but other than
that, the 5.5 experience should be better than 5.4.

> Furthermore, the segmentation fault on another server was caused by a
> domain name of 59 characters long. I am not sure whether the length was
> the problem or something else, but upon removing it it no longer
> segfaulted. First I upgraded my libmysqlclient libraries to rule that
> out as the cause (since the errorlog message indicated the problem would
> be there) and recompiled against libmysqlclient16, however this did not
> make a difference.
> Finally I found the offending domain name by running vusaged through the
> debugger gdb after strace did not provide any meaningful output. It
> appears that the problem was not the domain in the strace output, but
> always the 'next' domain in the list. Which gdb showed in a full
> backtrace and strace did not. Anyway, just thought you'd like to know.

Can you compile vusaged with 'CFLAGS += -g3 -static', reproduce the
segfault running vusaged under valgrind, and then email me the valgrind
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