Martin Kos wrote:

i am using on my qmail/vpopmail installation dovecot as IMAP/POP3
server. at the moment i have only some of the users having their mail
filtered through sieve/delivered to the mailbox by dovecot LDA. for this
users i have added a line to their .qmail-default file file as written
-->   |/var/qmail/bin/preline -f /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver -d $...@$user

this works like a charm. but i would like to have dovecots LDA used for
ALL my users and i haven't found a way to activate it for EACH user
without changing/creating every users .qmail-default file.

as i understand, vdelivermail is delivering the mails to the users
mailboxes? so i would have to "say" to vdelivermail that it should use
dovecots deliver, or what is the right way to do that? or is it just not

greets & thanks for help

It seems to me that it would be pretty simple to write a bash script that would change the appropriate .qmail-default files for you in one fell swoop. I suppose the problem then would be doing this for new users. I would think that it'd be easy enough to change vadduser.c (or whatever file/program contains the 'stock' file code) to use deliver instead.

Let me know if you need a little help with this, and how you make out. I'm presently using dovecot imap, and would like migrate to dovecot's LDA at some point.

-Eric 'shubes'


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