Thank you for the quick reply!

Is this in 5.5?  What are the steps to reproduce?  I added the domain as
you did above, and my vusaged binary from trunk is running as expected,
returning data for the long domain name.

No, this is in 5.4.28, not running 5.5 at the moment, I can reproduce by creating a long domainname and starting vusaged.

This would seem to indicate that the issue occurred somewhere in vpopmail's
vauth_getall call, or in MySQL itself.

Can you post your vusaged.conf, configure options for the main tree,
and configure options for the MySQL module?

./configure \
 --prefix=/home/vpopmail \
 --disable-roaming-users \
 --enable-logging=p \
 --disable-ip-alias-domains \
 --disable-passwd \
 --enable-clear-passwd \
 --disable-domain-quotas \
 --enable-auth-module=mysql \
 --enable-incdir=/usr/include/mysql/ \
 --enable-libdir=/usr/lib/ \
 --disable-many-domains \
 --enable-auth-logging \
 --enable-sql-logging \
 --enable-valias \
 --disable-mysql-limits \
Not using 5.5 so no mysql backend

vusaged.conf (without comments)


  Level = 1;


  Filename = /tmp/vusaged.sock;
//   Listen =;
//   Allow =;

  UID = vpopmail;
  GID = vchkpw;

Client timeout = 5; // Inactivity timeout in seconds
  Poll timeout = 1;
  Detect client timeout = 4;

  Workers = 10;
  Max queue size = 1000;


  Use Maildir++ format = True;
  Directory minimum poll time = 120;
  Count directory entry size = True;
 Age Factor = 1;


Something else is happening. What's the last entry in your ChangeLog for the version you're running? This will help me identify any source changes you may
not have since you are most likely not running the trunk.

5.4.28 - Current
  Matt Brookings
  - Updated vlimits_read_vlimits_file to be much more efficient
  - Added vusage client API to libvpopmail
  - Added vusage daemon
  - Updated quota code to talk to vusage daemon if available
  - Fixed some backfill patch compilation issues
- Updated maildir_to_email to support paths that end in /Maildir as well as /Maildir/
  - Added LDAP valias support
  - Updated vusage API to return counts for both users and domains
  - Updated domain quota enforcement to work when using vusage
  - Re-enabled --enable-domainquotas (with warnings)

If you want I can give you remote access to a test server where the problem can be reproduced!

- Wouter van der Schagt


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