Hi Matt,

That counter is not really working properly, since I at least downloaded the `previous' 5.4.28 release about 10 times I guess.

Btw: I'm looking into my personal vusage `symbolic link problem'. Like I said: the individual user usage's are computed correctly. However, if I request the total of a particular domain, I get a value full of rubbish. While individually querying all user accounts and summing them manually does give a right answer.

I'm underway adding a configuration option for vusaged, like: `dive into symlinks or not'. Well, you'll see in a week or so, when I've got some time (and a testing environment cleared for it :]).

Kind regards,
Harm van Tilborg

Matt Brookings wrote:
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Tom Collins wrote:
If it was modified, you should increment the version number. In 3
months, when someone reports a bug, how will we know which 5.4.28
they're running?

Considering it has 0 downloads, I'm not entirely concerned about this 
circumstance. :)
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