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Harm van Tilborg wrote:
That counter is not really working properly, since I at least downloaded
the `previous' 5.4.28 release about 10 times I guess.

Really?  That's no good.  Their file release system has been pretty broken
since the new interface I suppose.

Btw: I'm looking into my personal vusage `symbolic link problem'. Like I
said: the individual user usage's are computed correctly. However, if I
request the total of a particular domain, I get a value full of rubbish.

Well, while I agree that it should be configurable whether to follow
symbolic links, I'm not sure if it this is a computational matter.
Some would probably want the symbolic link to be calculated as storage
the user is using, depending upon it's purpose.

That's what the option was for of course :].

I'm curious about the 'value of rubbish' though.  Is it actually calculating
something *incorrectly*, or just not how you'd like it to?

No, it's really 'rubbish' :]. I've posted this in the 'some experiences with 5.5' thread before, but here we go:

[cv] ~# ls -l /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com
total 28
drwx------ 3 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 2009-04-07 23:47 harm
drwx------ 3 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 2009-04-07 23:47 info
drwx------ 3 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 2009-04-07 23:44 postmaster
-rw------- 1 vpopmail vchkpw  468 2009-04-07 23:51 vpasswd
-rw------- 1 vpopmail vchkpw 2604 2009-04-07 23:51 vpasswd.cdb
drwx------ 3 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 2009-04-07 23:48 wilbert
[cv] ~# /home/vpopmail/bin/vusagec wilb...@example.com
wilb...@example.com: 1035916107 byte(s) in 5324 file(s)
[cv] ~# /home/vpopmail/bin/vusagec i...@example.com
i...@example.com: 594049032 byte(s) in 4041 file(s)
[cv] ~# /home/vpopmail/bin/vusagec h...@example.com
h...@example.com: 38496 byte(s) in 17 file(s)
[cv] ~# /home/vpopmail/bin/vusagec postmas...@example.com
postmas...@example.com: 8192 byte(s) in 2 file(s)
[cv] ~# /home/vpopmail/bin/vusagec @example.com
example.com: 3701844041 byte(s) in 20032 file(s)
[cv] ~# du -sb /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com
1631164507      /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com

Summing all usage values of individual users, I get:
1035916107 + 594049032 + 38496 + 8192 = 1630011827
That's nearly the same as `du' returns.

However, see what `vusagec' returns when I query `...@example.com'. That's still an enormous difference. Has this maybe something to do with the fact that example.com also has an alias example.org?

I'll give you access to this machine once it's up and running again, haha. It was our spare one, which had to do some actual work after a crash this week :].

While individually querying all user accounts and summing them manually
does give a right answer.

Glad to hear that part is working for you :)  The user account storage is
the basis of every other calculation.

I'm underway adding a configuration option for vusaged, like: `dive into
symlinks or not'. Well, you'll see in a week or so, when I've got some
time (and a testing environment cleared for it :]).

That is already on the development list for 5.5, so, if you just want to
wait, I'll have my version of this, along with other changes to the vusage

Ah okay, I'll wait for that.

Right now I'm looking into a vusage database issue where-in, after a saved
database is loaded, the counts get almost doubled!

I've seen some of that code in the repository yeah. A real wild guess, without any knowledge of the code itself: maybe it has something to do with the fact that data is loaded after the worker threads have already started processing their queue items?

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