I need good quota support, so I decided to upgrade my vpopmail to
version 5.4.28. However, I found that version to be rather inconsistent
and really hard to package for Gentoo's portage.

Here are my problem. Maybe someone can tell me how to work around these

1. The package produces segfaults on most tools (at least vuserinfo and
vchkpw) if vusaged is not installed. However, vusaged does not get
compiled and installed by the main makefile. That doesn't seem to make

2. If I try to install vusaged before having installed the new
version of vpopmail, it will not build because needs to find
libvpopmail first. I can pass a path with --with-vpopmail= but this
cannot be the path of the source directory where the libraries would be
after compiling but before being installed.

3. Once I have installed the vpopmail package I can run the configure
for vusaged but not compile it. It uses several include files that come
with vpopmail but don't seem to get installed into a standard path. I
assume that they get installed into /var/vpopmail/include/ but have
currently no system to test that (I reverted my production system to

Are there solutions to the problems described? How can I compile and
install everything in one go? Did I overlook something?



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