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Christian Lerrahn wrote:
> Hi,
> I need good quota support, so I decided to upgrade my vpopmail to
> version 5.4.28. However, I found that version to be rather inconsistent
> and really hard to package for Gentoo's portage.
> Here are my problem. Maybe someone can tell me how to work around these
> issues.
> 1. The package produces segfaults on most tools (at least vuserinfo and
> vchkpw) if vusaged is not installed. However, vusaged does not get
> compiled and installed by the main makefile. That doesn't seem to make
> sense.

There's a bug in .28 that wasn't discovered until after it was marked
stable where if the vusagec.conf file is not in ~vpopmail/etc, tools
trying to utilize the vusage client API would cause a segfault.

5.4.29 addresses this, and some other smaller issues.  If you want to
fix it locally for the time being, create ~vpopmail/etc/vusagec.conf.

> 2. If I try to install vusaged before having installed the new
> version of vpopmail, it will not build because needs to find
> libvpopmail first. I can pass a path with --with-vpopmail= but this
> cannot be the path of the source directory where the libraries would be
> after compiling but before being installed.

In 5.4, it was meant as an add-on, and so, even though it's packaged
along with vpopmail, it required vpopmail be installed to compile.

> 3. Once I have installed the vpopmail package I can run the configure
> for vusaged but not compile it. It uses several include files that come
> with vpopmail but don't seem to get installed into a standard path. I
> assume that they get installed into /var/vpopmail/include/ but have
> currently no system to test that (I reverted my production system to
> 5.4.26).

Please provide the compile-time errors you're seeing.
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