I'm trying to set up dovecot with vpopmail on a Debian Lenny system. I
have modified the package from dotdeb.org to use MySQL. Now, that gives
me binaries that work fine (i.e. vchkpw, vadd..., etc. work fine) but
dovecot just doesn't want to do the authentication right.

Dovecot links against libvpopmail and does not use vchkpw. However, it
always claims that the user is unknown even if it is a valid user. An
strace reveals that dovecot/vpopmail actually never query the MySQL
server. Instead there is a cdb lookup which obviously fails.

The Debian package doesn't seem to include more than 2 patches that
definitely do not affect that. There seems to be no way of telling
dovecot something about how to query vpopmail. I've also tried changing
the package over to 5.4.28 to no avail.

So, first question is, is this a vpopmail or a dovecot problem?
Second question, any hints what is going wrong here?

I tried a web search but I only found posts describing the same problem
never a solution.



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