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Friday, November 20, 2009, 11:40:28 AM, you wrote:

CL> Hi,
CL> I'm trying to set up dovecot with vpopmail on a Debian Lenny system. I
CL> have modified the package from dotdeb.org to use MySQL. Now, that gives
CL> me binaries that work fine (i.e. vchkpw, vadd..., etc. work fine) but
CL> dovecot just doesn't want to do the authentication right.
CL> I tried a web search but I only found posts describing the same problem
CL> never a solution.

CL> Cheers,
CL> Christian

Sorry if this solution is unacceptable, but why bother with packages?
Both vpopmail and dovecot compile nicely from sources and you can tune
them to your liking.

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