Maloupi wrote:
Hi !

I'm not sure this is the good mailling list for my question, if not i apologize.

My problem is i'm trying to use autorespond with qmail but it does not work properly. It worked (i get response message if i send a mail to an address with autorespond activated)
but after some hours the response messages are stuck in queue and not sent.
if i restart the server after some days, i receive failure messages.

Here is a part of my Send log after the reboot :
12-03 21:42:23 starting delivery 1: msg 416540 to local
12-03 21:42:23 status: local 1/75 remote 0/150
12-03 21:42:24 delivery 1: failure: vdelivermail:_deferred,_database_down/I'm_not_going_to_try_again;_this_message_has_been_in_the_queue_too_long./
12-03 21:42:24 status: local 0/75 remote 0/150
12-03 21:42:24 bounce msg 416540 qp 2870
12-03 21:42:24 end msg 416540

Why dit i get a vdelivermail:_deferred,_database_dow error and how can i make it works ?

Thank you for your help.

You might have a damaged queue. Try running the tool (included in the qmailtoaster-plus package) and see if that fixes things up.

-Eric 'shubes'


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