We are using vpopmail - dovecot in a cluster configuration.( --enable-mysql-replication ) enabled.

Vpopmail is configured to use two connection, (1 for reading 1 for writing) .

Mysql replications are also configured and working

Using:  vpopmail 5.4.27
dovecot :  1.2.9

After the writing connection go down the authorization for users is not working.

We are getting timeouts for user authorizations.

Please can you confirm that this cluster configuration is working with dovecot without problem?

We are getting:
dovecot: pop3-login: Can't connect to auth server at default: Resource temporarily unavailable
at the same time vchkpw running over qmail was working well. (SMTP auth)

In dovecot we have:
auth default {
   mechanisms = plain
   passdb vpopmail {
   userdb vpopmail {
   user = vpopmail

With courier imap there was not this problem.

Thank you for any response.

S pozdravom / best regards

Juraj Hantak


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