I'll 2nd that. Dovecot performs much better, and is quite reliable.

-Eric 'shubes'

Rick Romero wrote:

I think Dovecot (www.dovecot.org) is the more popular POP/IMAP server these days.


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Hi to everyone...I just came back to work with linux server. In the past, many years I worked with linux and I installed vpopmail and courier-imap. The last week I downloaded/installed qmail/vpopmail/courier-auth/courier imap. I have problems login to the IMAP server and searching for information I found that the module vchkpw was not in the list or the documentation. I tried to use other IMAP servers recommended but I had problems compiling but any way... I questions are:Does it work the current version of courier imap (4.8.0)?If not, is there some way to patch it?What other options are for imap server and vpopmail?

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