I was using vpopmail 5.4.17 with cdb module and courier-imap 3.0.x
for several years. I never notice any problem about quota before. I
upgrade my linux os and update vpopmail to 5.4.30 and switch to
dovecot several weeks ago. then many people complain that
their usage quota information is not correct.I write a script to check
the quota and find that "vuserinfo" did show wrong quota information.

I also tried to use "vusaged" in 5.4.30.  it is very accurate. but it
didn't update the "maildirsize" file. and "vdelivermail"  may report
"user_over_quota" although nobody is over quota. so "vusaged" is not
useable for me,  although I like the accuracy of it.

so I want to know what is the last stable vpopmail version of
old-style quota? I tried 5.4.28, but it is not accurate.

thanks a lot for your help!!


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