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On 06/24/2010 06:01 AM, d tbsky wrote:
> hi:
>    I was using vpopmail 5.4.17 with cdb module and courier-imap 3.0.x
> for several years. I never notice any problem about quota before. I
> upgrade my linux os and update vpopmail to 5.4.30 and switch to
> dovecot several weeks ago. then many people complain that
> their usage quota information is not correct.I write a script to check
> the quota and find that "vuserinfo" did show wrong quota information.
> I also tried to use "vusaged" in 5.4.30.  it is very accurate. but it
> didn't update the "maildirsize" file. and "vdelivermail"  may report

The maildirsize file is the whole problem with the quota calculation.
 It often gets out of sync between processes, and slowly becomes very
incorrect.  Deleting this file should return the quota calculation to
normal for a period of time.

> "user_over_quota" although nobody is over quota. so "vusaged" is not
> useable for me,  although I like the accuracy of it.

Can you reproduce vdelivermail reporting that a user is over quota
when they are not, with the vusage daemon?

If so, what are the steps?

> so I want to know what is the last stable vpopmail version of
> old-style quota? I tried 5.4.28, but it is not accurate.

5.4.28 and 5.4.30 have the same quota code.
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