Maybe late for an answer, but it will block every message of users doing "send 
page by email" from websites...  like when you send informations from a 
protected website to a friend...  of course you may print the page to pdf, save 
the page to disk then zip it,... but it's not anymore a "one click" option...

Le vendredi 16 juillet 2010 à 19:40:02, vous écriviez :

>> I've seen a huge increase in spam making use of .html attachments, and I'm
>> considering outright blocking of all .html attachments.

>> Has anyone else done this?  Any thoughts on the number of legitimate .html
>> attachments I'd be blocking?

> I'm considering doing the same on my mailservers, I looked at the content of 
> a 
> few of them, some contained a redirect and some contained some dodgy looking 
> javascript.
> I cannot think of a legitimate reason for html attachments apart from a few 
> web developers who can use zip.

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