I just build a new qmail box and am currently using vpopmail and have set up
selective relay with pop-before-smtp and have applied the ucspi-mysql patch
to ucspi-tcp. I have also enabled rblsmtpd and am using zen.spamhaus.org.  A
remote pop session is correctly updating the relay table in the database.
But I seem to be having an issue with the tcpserver as I am unable to send
emails from a dynamic ip address even though the ipaddress has been added to
the relay table.    I am immediately being blocked by the rblsmtpd.  So it
seems that tcpserver is not quering the relay table during the smtp
connection.  I am using the -V switch in the qmail startup file for
tcpserver.  I have been searching all morning for a solution, any help would
be much appreciated.






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