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On 10/22/2010 03:09 PM, Vik Nat wrote:
> I just build a new qmail box and am currently using vpopmail and have
> set up selective relay with pop-before-smtp and have applied the
> ucspi-mysql patch to ucspi-tcp. I have also enabled rblsmtpd and am
> using zen.spamhaus.org.  A remote pop session is correctly updating the
> relay table in the database. But I seem to be having an issue with the
> tcpserver as I am unable to send emails from a dynamic ip address even
> though the ipaddress has been added to the relay table.    I am
> immediately being blocked by the rblsmtpd.  So it seems that tcpserver
> is not quering the relay table during the smtp connection.  I am using
> the ?V switch in the qmail startup file for tcpserver.  I have been
> searching all morning for a solution, any help would be much appreciated.

The RBL check should be done post-authentication.  If you use the
rblsmtpd command, even if the IP is trusted, it will be blocked by

The other option is to modify rblsmtpd.c to honor the RELAYCLIENT
environment variable and exit if it's set.

Hope that helps.
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