Hello to all.

Few days ago i have installed vpopmail 5.4.32 with domain quota. During configure time i was adviced to use vusaged in order to have domain quota functionality.
I did that and now vusaged works as daemon.
But, now my users are getting quota warning and their incoming email is being incorrectly rejected with "over quota" message.
For example:
vuserinfo us...@domain:
quota:     50000000S
usage:     3%
last auth: Wed Oct 27 09:17:02 2010
last auth ip: imap

vusagec us...@domain:
us...@domain: 1895136 byte(s) in 44 file(s)

So, as you can see user is definitely not over quota but he received quota warning email and his emails are being rejected.

Does anyone have any idea why vusage[d/c] is giving me these problems?

Before vusage i was having normal qmail/vpopmail install with Maildir++ quota. After that i recompiled vpopmail/qmail and started vusaged. Maybe i forgot to copy some of the files? User data is stored in mysql.
Any help would be appreciated.


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